Project: Create a prototype of a mobile app and present your design process in a video. 

My mother is elderly and I wanted to use this project to think through a mobile application that would help her and me. After talking with my friends who also are caretakers for their parents I noticed a big communication disconnect - they all used mobile phones while their parents did not. Yet they still wanted a way to do "wellness checks," on their parents without having an hourlong phone call. 

These caretakers are busy and mobile. Yet their parents are not. The challenge was to find a way for Caretakers using a mobile device to check in on someone who isn't tech savvy. 


Pen and Paper Prototype

While Axure is the UX tool du jour, I love Popapp for low-fi/workable pen and paper prototyping. Using paper templates I drew the user flow process and uploaded to Popapp. The application allowed me to link pages and organize my sketches so I could discover any design flow problems. This was a much better low-fi prototype creation process than pen and paper alone. Working with another team member Elaina, who is awesome, we created The Caretaker.  To flip through the user flow; use this link.

Mid-Fi Axure Prototypes

My partner Elaina and I used the paper and pen prototype to build a workable application with links and gestures in Axure using screens created by PhotoShop. 

The app allows caretakers to do four main actions:

  • Check in on their parents through voice and text.
  • Order medications for them online.
  • Shop for them online.
  • Get responses from their parents.

The parents received wellness check communication on their television sets. :) 

 Tools used:

  • Pen/paper sketch - It was important to actually draw the user flow action on paper because I wanted to physically trace the user journey through the app and sometimes it's tough to do that digitally. 
  • POPapp: This is a tool I found easier than Axure for quick mock-ups)

  • Surface video camera to record the presentation of the app for a client.